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About All Dogs Co.

Our mission is to create a revenue stream for independent no-kill shelters. This is the mission, not the marketing message.

I have spent my career across the retail landscape - from working with small designers as a jewelry buyer for Anthropologie, to negotiating 1/10th of a cent in Chinese showrooms for K-Mart, to product development within the gift industry, with a few supporting roles at eCom start-ups along the way. As with any desk job, I often found myself thinking “I’d really rather be walking the dogs at the shelter right now.” And after a surprise round of layoffs (did I mention I have spent time at start-ups?), that’s where I found myself.

I immediately and joyfully poured myself into volunteering 20+ hours a week at my local shelter. As I spent more & more time with the incredible dogs and volunteers, I knew I wanted to figure out a way to support no-kill shelters with the skills I’ve honed up to now. With your purchase, you are making that dream come true.

ADC is thrilled to work with Philadelphia designer Vincent Avila for the initial launch collection. We are lucky to leverage his strong sense of design & incredible illustrations.

How does your purchase support local shelters?

We have worked directly with shelter managers coast to coast, in conjunction with national surveys, to understand the average costs of various functions (feeding, housing, veterinary needs, & general care). Those figures are backed into the development costs, and final retail price of these items.

We champion full transparency in what we give, and report back our donations on the last of each month on our blog and instagram page. Additionally, you can learn more about how proceeds from your purchase specifically supports shelters on each product page. Our mission is to be explicit about where your donation goes - and to continue to push the supply chain to create as much margin for these shelters as possible.

Lastly, shelters are not run simply on cash flow. Volunteers that generously donate their time to walk dogs and assist shelter staff in the cleaning and care of these animals are what keep the doors open. This volunteer work is a key pillar of our beliefs and we will continue to report on volunteer hours.

What is the current featured shelter?

Our first $10,000 will be donated to the Denver shelter that has made an incredible impact on the animals in the community, as well as the lives of its volunteers (like myself!): MaxFund. It was during the literal hundreds of hours of walking dogs that I was able to turn this concept over in my head. I find endless inspiration in the incredible staff and selfless volunteers that have created the most comfortable, fun place for these happy pups that are awaiting their forever homes.

The MaxFund was founded in 1988, and operates as a non-profit organization to provide medical care for injured pets with no known owners, and to seek out new homes for these animals once they have recovered. The no-kill dog + cat shelters have found adoptive homes for more than 31,000 animals. In addition, over 48,000 spays and neuters have been provided, mostly for pets of low income families. 

To learn more about this incredible organization, visit MaxFund.org.

Once we have met this goal, we are excited to support local no-kill shelters across the country. We encourage you to nominate your favorite shelter by eMailing info@alldogsmkt.com, and follow us on IG @ alldogs.co when we launch voting for the finalists to receive the next round of donations.