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Shelter Pup of the Week: Monte


Monte (Monty?!) is a volunteer favorite over at MaxFund. He is a truly weird, truly wonderful little guy that has the most hilariously expressive face. I’ll let Monte take it away from here.

How do you do! My name's Monte and I'm a handsome, quirky, & energetic 2-year-old.

I was abandoned in the MaxFund alleyway one evening and waited in my kennel patiently until MaxFund staff found me and brought me in the next morning where a warm bed, water and food awaited me. You've got to admit that this is quite a rough start for a young boy like me. I'm still staying positive though and can't wait to find my forever home!

From what MaxFund staff can tell I probably didn't get very much time outside in my last home. I love to run around so I'd prefer going to a home with a yard. I would make the perfect companion for hikes! I've had a couple of scuffles when other dogs come on to me a little too fast so I do ask to be the only fur baby in the home. For safety reasons, I must also go to a home that has no children in it.

Would you like to meet me? Come down to MaxFund in Denver and meet me!

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