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Shelter Pup of the Week: Rambo


Rambo has a bit of a reputation as the Best Fetcher on Campus at MaxFund. In fact, whenever there’s a new enthusiastic fetcher, it’s referred to as having “another Rambo”. He was returned to MaxFund a second time when his new owner no longer had time for him - and he came back pretty chubby and sad, which was shocking considering he is a bit of a cardio junkie and will happily play fetch for hours. The volunteers have given him many hours of walks and thrown hundreds of balls, and he is getting his suave body back!

In his own words:

“Hi there! My name is Rambo and I am a handsome Australian Cattle Dog! I am a three-year-old boy with a beautiful orange-like coat. You're probably wondering how a good lookin' guy like myself ended up here, but rest assured it was through no fault of my own. My previous owner passed away, so I was brought here to find a new forever home! I was adopted and returned when my new owner got a new schedule and no longer had time for me.

I am a sweet boy who loves tennis balls! I love to play outside and run around with my toys. I am very, very good at fetch and have excellent ball manners. Because of my energy level, I must go to a home with a back yard! I am not used to children, so I would prefer a home that does not have any. I love neck scratches and belly rubs and just hanging out and getting to love on my person. I am lover of humans but am not super fond of other dogs and would love to have my humans all to myself. I've never been around cats before but the humans at the front can arrange for a cat test to be done if you have one of those. I also do well with car rides as well as with being left alone during the day. Even better, I am already potty trained so that's one less thing for you to worry about when you bring me home! 

When you come to visit me, I like to be pet on my neck and body, not so much on the top of my head when I first meet you. Once I get used to you, I will show you just how great of a boy I can be. When I am in my own home, I get used to the people I see daily and may be wary of strangers when I first meet them.”

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